Zan Spirit of zany experimental - ism — сумасброд, дурак

Zea Curate’s Egg’s comment is a perfect example of everything wrong with Western pro-demo­cracy zealotry — фанатизм

Zei In another sign of the new Zeit­geist, on June 15th Pierre Karl Peladeau, a media mogul, an­nounced the launch of Sun TV News; Las Vegas has never been much good at diversifica­tion. It is good at one thing, and for now the Zeitgeist has turned against it — дух времени

Zes Zestier demographics — пи­кантность, особенность; особый вкус; придавать что-л. особенное (чему-л.)

Zil “Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business” — ничто, ноль

Zin The proofs will zing back and forth — проноситься (со свистом'), быстро дви­гаться

Zip Silicon valley has produced plenty of hot air from zippy startups in the past; Ten zippi­est provinces — живой, энер­гичный, яркий

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