1. Match the words with their definitions.


1) A need for or a desire for a commodity, together with the ability to pay for it, as in the law of supply and demand.

2) A consumer protest against the perceived injustices in exchange relationships and efforts to remedy those injustices.

3) The expenses incurred in producing goods or services during the period.

4) Regular and essential expenses such as rent and the cost of telephones, stationery, etc.

5) The quality of being able to do a task successfully and without wasting time or energy.

6) The process of becoming greater in size, number, or amount.

7) An amount of money that you have to pay to the government so that it can pay for public services.

8) The popularity and good reputation of a successful business that forms part of its financial worth.

9) Something that you are given, for example because you have behaved well, worked hard, or provided a service to the community.

10) The equipment, buildings, services, etc that are provided for a particular activity or purpose.

2. Supply the sentences with the missing words.

1) He divided his... among his four brothers.

2) We would never have secured our independence without the aid you... .

3) They argued that their wage increases would be... by higher prices.

4) Sales... all expectations.

5) We should... our approach.

6) I need the money to... me for at least the next month until I start a job.

7) We must try to... ... our own failure.

8) The streets were crowded with... and buyers.

9) ... of proper funding is making our job more difficult.

10) He... all the major accounts.

11) They ask for a 6 million pound loan... as working capital.


3. Complete each sentence with the correct form of make Or Do.

1) There's a rumour going round that Polly's are going to a bid for Squash International.

2) Please your best to get these typed before 5 o'clock.

3) Who shall I the cheque out to?

4) If we don't get some orders soon we'll have to some of our workers redundant.

5) I'm afraid you'll have to without the other photocopier until we can get the part we need from the suppliers.

6) We've been business with them for over thirty years now.

7) Considerable progress has been and we hope to put some concrete proposals to our members tomorrow afternoon.

8) The bank has decided to extra provision against bad debts this year.

9) They've been a roaring trade since they decided to advertise on local television.

10) We have a considerable profit on the sale of that land.

11) I've got all these invoices to before I can go home.

12) The business was so run down when she took it over that nobody expected her to such a success of it.

13) Something as simple as changing the size of the lettering on the packet can all the difference to your sales.

14) Increasing production will even more demands on machinery which is already breaking down at an alarming rate.

15) They could with some computer paper in the wages office.

16) We've away with the old system of clocking in.

17) A customer has a complaint about one of our salespeople.

18) In fact, Gravers have us a favour by launching their product first.


4. Complete each sentence by using the correct form of one of the following verbs. Use each verb once only.

Build sell take over say

Make spend win overcome

1) More than 6 million tins of beans are every week.

2) They were by an American company last year.

3) No attempt was to explain the inconsistency in the figures.

4) Kent Industries are to be thinking of expanding overseas.

5) Once initial problems had been the re-organization went like clock work.

6) Their new factory will be on the outskirts of the town.

7) The contract was in the face of strong competition.

8) Over $3 million was on advertising last year.

5. Combine an adjective from the list on the left with a preposition from the list on the right to complete each sentence. You must use each adjective once only, but each preposition can be used more than once.

Relevant capable aware of to

Proud well-known accustomed on for

Acceptable dependent

1) I'm not... ... any regulations that should prevent us from exporting to those countries.

2) We need somebody who is... ... understanding German.

3) That's an interesting point but it isn't really... ... our discussion.

4) It took me some time to become... ... using the new system.

5) They will only sign if the terms are fully ... ... them.

6) It's risky to be... ... only one supplier.

7) He was so... ... his firm's achievements that he talked about them to everyone he met.

8) This company is... ... the high quality of its products.

6. Complete the sentences by inserting one of the following.

All any each every

1) We sell... type you like.

2) We are involved in... the stages of wine production and distribution.

3) We have studied... step in the distribution process.

4) We studied... of the major wine producers. ... of them has some advantages.

5) You asked me if we can supply... retailer in the north of England. In fact, we can reach... one within a thirty mile radius of Newcastle.

6) We are involved in... aspect of wine distribution.

7) ... major wine producers have suffered from the recession.

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