A phantom section is a view primarily used to show a mating part. The phantom section may or may not be shown in detail on the drawing. Its primary purpose is to show how the parts fit or operate together, Figure 8.8. A phantom section may also be used to illustrate the function of the object. This type of section is not dimen­sioned or shown in great detail. The shape (perimeter) of the phantom object and its alternate positions are shown through the use of short, thin dashed lines (------------- ).

FIGURE 8.8 ■ Phantom section.


FIGURE 8.9 ■ Aligned sectional view.


When revolved projection is incorporated within a sectional view it is called an aligned section. In this case the cut­ting plane line is literally bent to include certain features in the part that are best shown as revolved projections.

NOTE: Notice that part A is not completely shown in the sectional view, Figure 8.9(b). Figure 8.9(c) illustrates the preferred aligned section. The advantage of drawing an aligned section becomes apparent in comparing these views.

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