The groove weld size is the depth of the
material actually included and fused in the
weld, Figure 13.4(a).

If the weld is to have partial penetration,
the dimension of both the groove size and the
groove weld size should be given. The weld-
ing symbol shows these two dimensions to
the left of the weld symbol, Figure 13.4(b).

They are shown as: depth of preparation (S)
and groove weld size.

In some cases the groove weld size may be
smaller than the groove, Figure 13.4(c) and

Figure 13.4(d). In others, the groove weld size (E) may be equal to the depth of groove (S), Figure 13.4(e).
To determine the actual placement of the weld bead, specific instructions must be followed.

The groove weld size (E) dimension may be shown with a weld symbol without necessarily including a
depth of preparation size (S). Such an application is indicated with a square groove symbol in Figure 13.5.

Under certain conditions, the groove size or the weld symbol may not be given. When this informa-
tion is not given, a note is usually included on the drawing to indicate the joint preparation as optional,
with a complete joint penetration specified. In such cases, the letters “CJP” (complete joint penetra-
tion) are placed in the tail of the reference line. The welding symbol is then shown as illustrated in
Figure 13.6.




h. £2




R 3 4

FIGURE 13.3 ■ Specifying groove weld sizes.

Figure 13.3(b) shows a V-groove weld. The depth of the groove indicated by the dimension placed to the left of the symbol signifies that each member is to be pre­pared prior to welding with a bevel having a 4" depth.

Figure 13.3(c) shows the proper posi­tion of the dimension for the groove size when dimensioning double groove welds. The dimensions are located to the left of the symbols as shown.

Figures 13.3(c) and (d) show the correct procedure for applying included angles to a welding symbol. Note that the dimensions are placed to the left of the weld symbol and the angle notation is placed above and below the symbol even when the angles are the same.

Figure 13.3(e) shows a dimensioned U-groove weld, which is to be made on the other side of the joint. Again, the dimension refers to the depth of the groove.

In Figure 13.3(f), the dimensioning of a double bevel weld is shown where both welds are not the same size. On the arrow side of the joint, the size is 7/8"; the other side size is %". Note the direction in which the arrow breaks to indicate which member is to be grooved.

60ох і 1"

FIGURE 13.4 ■ Groove weld size and joint preparation size

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