13 pluses from a treadmill at home

A treadmill is probably one of the most useful exercise equipment for the home. Workout on the track will help you quickly lose weight and improve cardio stamina. You can start practicing literally from any level of fitness.

No need to allocate special time for training, go through traffic jams to a fitness club.

If you compare with jogging on the street, and here the boldenone deutschland track has its advantages. The house is always bright, there is no wind, no rain ...

Thus, the presence of a treadmill ensures that you will not have any obstacles to training.

Now we’ll list right by point why a treadmill for a home is a great idea?

1. For several years of training, you will save a lot of money on subscriptions to the fitness club.

2. 24/7 availability, 365 days a year.

3. No need to assemble a sports uniform.

4. You do not depend on the weather.

5. You can put the children to bed and practice.

6. A great option for morning exercises.

7. You can turn on your favorite music not with headphones or watch a movie.

8. Are there only 20 free minutes? You can spend them on training. During this time, you do not even call in a fitness club.

9. If you have little space, you can have folding treadmills. When folded, they take up very little space.

10. At the treadmill, you can change not only speed, but at the goal of the slope - thereby significantly increasing the load.

11. Are you a girl, have painted your nails and are waiting for them to dry? This time can be spent on a treadmill.

12. The treadmill blade absorbs every step. Your knees will suffer much less than running on the street.

13. Don't like crowds or queues for cardio machines? At home, your path will always be yours.

How many calories can you burn on a treadmill?

To give you an idea of how many calories you can burn on a treadmill, we offer two examples.

Woman, 40 years old, height 165 cm, weight 55 kg, workout 30 minutes.

• Speed 3 km / h (slow step), 75 calories

• Speed 4.5 km / h (normal step), 95 calories

• Speed 6 km / h (quick step), 135 calories

A man, 40 years old, height 182 cm, weight 92 kg.

• Speed 3 km / h, 115 calories

• Speed 4.5 km / h, 140 calories

• Speed 6 km / h, 185 calories

Optimal training time

In fact, even a daily 10 minute run will speed up your metabolism well. Especially if you will run daily. It will optimally bring the workout to 45-60 minutes. Increase longevity gradually so as not to enter a state of overtraining. Well, and then, you can increase the speed, try interval running and other ways of varying loads.

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