Graph paper is provided at the end of this review for your use. Refer to the drawing, Chassis for Utility Trailer, page 142.

1. Name the principal views used to show the object.

11. Should this print be identified as an assembly, or should it be identified as a detail? Give an explanation for your answer.

2. Why is this particular arrangement of views used?

12. Sketch the weld symbol that applies to joint

13. Sketch the weld symbol that applies to joint

14. What are the location dimensions for the drilled holes?

3. What system of dimensioning is used?

4. List the structural metal shapes required for making the object.

15. Why is the 6'-8" dimension given in feet and inches rather than as 80"?

16. Give the dimensions for the following distances:

®__________________ ®________________

a-------------------------------- $-----------------------------

Q_________ ®________

17. Give the diagonal dimension that can be used for checking the squareness of the rectangular frame. The check is to be made from its outer corners.

5. Give the overall length sizes for the following parts:

@----------------- d---------------------------

®------------------------------ ©--------------------------

€_____________________ d__________________


6. Give a reason for showing details A and B on the print.

18. Sketch the different welding symbols shown on the print and give the significance of each.

19. What is the significance of the abbreviation “TYP”?

7. What operation is performed on the end of the pipe that has been cut out?

20. What material is specified for the pipe component of the chassis?

8. Why are long break lines used on the principal views?

21. Identify the pipe component by letter.

9. Sketch the kinds of break lines that are used.

22. a. How many detail drawings are shown on the print?

10. Sketch a conventional break symbol that is used on the print.

b. Identify them by letter.

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