For multiple-joint seam welds, where one or more pieces are inserted between the two outer members, the same symbol and elements are applied to specify the weld as are used for the two-member joints, regardless of the number of pieces inserted, Figure 20.12. In such cases, the symbol has an arrow side or other side sig­nificance only.




FIGURE 20.11 ■ Flush-contour symbol applied to the

seam-weld symbol.


Graph paper is provided at the end of this review for your use.


1. List six elements that can be applied to the seam-weld symbol.



6. a. In the left - or right-side view below, show how the weld should appear as specified in the center sketch.

b. Indicate the significance of the 2000N value.

2. What element, if any, is added to the seam-weld symbol to differentiate it from the spot weld?

3. Why is a seam-weld symbol used with only a one side significance?

7. Correct the following welding symbol by sketch­ing it correctly.

4. a. What is indicated when the seam-weld symbol is located astride the reference line of the welding symbol?

b. Sketch how the weld should appear.

8. How should the welding symbol be shown in the sketch on the right to denote the seam weld shown on the left?

5. What is the meaning of each element shown on the following welding symbols?


9. When a seam weld is not to be made parallel to the joint, how must this be indicated?

10. Referring to the welding symbol in the right - hand sketch, illustrate the significance of the elements of the welding symbol on the left - hand and center sketches.

11. a. Is the arrow side, other side application of the seam-weld symbol to a multiple-joint seam weld different from its application to a single-joint weld?

12. a. What welding process is indicated in the following welding symbol?

b. What is the strength specified?

c. What is the length and pitch of the seam weld?


Pitch ____________________________________

13. When a welding symbol refers to a detail drawing, where is this information located on the symbol?

b. Give a reason for your answer.

14. When is a flush-contour symbol not applied to a seam-weld symbol?

c. Is there any difference in the elements applied

to the seam-weld symbol for the multiple-joint ----------------------------------------------------------------

seam as compared to the single-joint seam weld?

15. Sketch a welding symbol for a seam weld specify­ing a postweld finish.

Give a reason for your answer.

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