Foreward from First Edition

Today, most pipe is joined by welding, but this was not always true, for until about 35 years ago pipe was joined by screw threads or by bolted flanged joints. Welding, now considered the best method for connecting pipe, is used even in the most demanding high-pressure and high-temperature service.

Much of the credit for this progress must be given to the weld­ing industry; however, credit must also be given to the many welders who, through trial and conscientious effort, developed the welding procedures which consistently produce reliable weld joints. A great many welders contributed their efforts toward this end and it is unfortunate that their names have not been re­corded.

One person who has contributed greatly to the improvement of general pipe welding procedures is Hoobasar Rampaul. He has worked as a pipe welder in refinery construction and maintenance, as a welding inspector, and as a teacher at the Hobart School of Welding Technology where I have been closely associated with him and have often witnessed his outstanding skill as a pipe welder. His success is due to his fine technical knowledge of weld­ing as well as to his outstanding manipulative skill. By blending these he has been able to develop and qualify procedures that con­sistently result in pipe welds of the highest quality.

In order to make this skill available to many more welders I have encouraged Mr. Rampaul to write this book. It is a major contribution to the art and technology of pipe welding and I highly recommend it to all those craftsmen who have an interest in this field.

Howard B. Cary

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